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Course Installments

Please note that if you choose to purchase an online course via the installments option, you are agreeing to complete all payments on the dates that they are due. It is not possible to cancel or opt out of future payments due to a change of mind about the course, so please choose carefully.

Declined Payment Policy:  

All outstanding payments are due, in full, within 7 days of the first declined payment.

Declined payment notifications are delivered via email and include simple instructions to bring the account current. Once the account is brought current, no further declined payment notifications will be sent. Should requests for payment receive no response or accounts remain overdue for more than 7 days, program access and benefits will be temporarily suspended. Program access will be reinstated if the account is brought current prior to the next scheduled payment date. Should requests for payment receive no response or accounts remain overdue through to the next scheduled payment, the entire account will be considered delinquent and will be suspended.

Suspension Policy: 

If your account is suspended temporarily but brought back into good standing within 7 days of suspension, no further action will be taken. A second suspension will be considered a pattern and no further declined payments will be permitted. A third declined payment will result in removal from the program and from all program benefits. In some cases it may be possible to reactivate the account at a later date for a fee ($150).

If a client is actively enrolled in more than one program and is current on payments in one program but delinquent/suspended from another, the client will continue to receive benefits of the paid program as long as the account remains current and until the program is paid in full or completed.

Once the program is complete or should payments become delinquent, the client will be placed on permanent suspension and will not be permitted to purchase any future programs.

Anyone who pauses their installment payments for longer than 2.5 months for an online course, will need to sign up for the relevant online course again if they wish to continue. 

Course Mentoring

For all courses with a mentoring component included, you can ask questions and receive mentoring in the forum for up to 12 months following purchase. (After 12 months, you will still be able to access the forum to share your experiences with others, but you will need to get your questions answered by our mentors within 12 months of purchase.) 

Refunds on Courses

Due to the nature of digital data, we do not refund digital goods purchases.


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